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Established in 1938, in Osaka, Japan, Tone began operations as a professional tool manufacturer, and has since evolved into a pioneer in the bolting field. Today, Tone is a world leader in the development of torque management solutions for a full range of specialized industrial and manufacturing applications.

Tone (pronounced toe-nay) is a hand and power tool manufacturer committed to the design of “bolting solutions for every industry.” As this objective suggests, Tone is focused on leading – never following – the development and manufacturing of high-quality bolting tools for professionals and industries worldwide.

As the global economy grows, and technology fosters new industries and applications for bolting products – from the requirements of renewable power generation to the evolution of the automotive and aerospace industries – Tone is scaling its overseas network to meet future professional and industrial demand.

Look for the Tone brand name wherever excellence in bolting is required. And remember the promise: “No one tools like Tone.”