Tone offers a variety of advanced, full-featured hand and power torque tools designed to meet the needs of professional and industrial bolting applications.

  • Cordless Ratchet Wrench with Li-ion battery <Specification>

    LENGTH:  315mm | 12-13/32" NO LOADED SPEED:  200rpm MAXIMUM TORQUE:  1.0Nm | 0.7Ft-Lbs NET WEIGHT:  750g | 1.7Lbs GROSS WEIGHT:  1.8kg | 4.0Lbs

  • <Specification>

    CONTENTS: - 3/8"dr - 14mm Plug Socket, - 3/8"dr - 32mm Extension Bar(2pcs), - 3/8"dr - 50mm Extension Bar NET WEIGHT:  187g | 0.4Lbs

  • Preset ratchet head torque wrenches with lbf-in torque analog display. Issues audible click and retroaction “push” upon reaching preset torque. Ideal for automotive applications! See Specifications
  • Easy-tightening digital ratchet head torque wrenches, offering advanced features like:
    • LCD display with beep and LED light preset torque alerts
    • Torque setting memory storage (up to 250 settings)
    • USB data transfer function
    • Two (“Tracking” and Peak”) measurement modes
    • Calibration Certificate included
    See Specifications