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TONE provides bolting solutions supporting professional works to every industrial field.

Products Lineup

Socket wrenches

The TONE brand began with the socket wrench. Since our founding, we have earned trust and built a track record of success not only in Japan, but also worldwide, with reliable technology and high-quality products.


TONE offers an extensive selection of high-quality toolsets designed for specific purposes and applications. With excellent functionality and workability, TONE toolsets support safe and reliable operation.

Stainless steel and titanium tools

Stainless steel tools offer exceptional corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and cleanliness, while titanium tools are non‐magnetic, lightweight, and highly corrosion-resistant. TONE has developed a range of these unique products based on a flexible approach to tool design.

Electroless plated impact sockets for impact wrenches

These impact sockets offer improved rust resistance and functionality along with a high level of durability and a beautiful appearance by overcoming conventional weakness of our impact sockets.

Torque wrenches

Torque wrenches play an important role in torque control. TONE torque wrenches are a unique patented product in terms of preventing mistake in torque setting as torque value can be indicated in self-explanatory digits.

Awarded the Good Design Prize

Shear wrenches

Shear wrenches are designed specifically to tighten torque shear bolts used in various applications such as steel and bridge constructions. TONE has a wide range of shear wrenches to accommodate all tightening applications as a leading company in the global shear wrench market.

Simple torque control wrenches and Digi-Torqon

Simple torque control wrenches are designed to tighten hexagon bolts with torque control device in every industrial field. When using these wrenches with Digi-Torqon, workers can confirm and record tightening torque.

Power Digi-Torqon and Electric Power Digi-Torqon

These wrenches offer safe and secure torque control and data management with high performance. Working so well in applications such as ship building and maintenance of huge plants.

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Bolt fastening is an important operation in every industrial field. TONE products play a critical role, especially in the following industrial fields: general industry, construction industry, automotive industry, bridge construction, plant engineering, transportation, alternative energy.

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